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Build Your Own Residual Income Business

Products to Make You Feel Great, a Strong Support Team, and a Revolutionary New, Lucrative Compensation Plan!

Agel is a new company and is uniquely positioned to be the next giant in the network marketing industry. The company has developed an entirely new category of products. Imagine being part of the next industry-changing innovation.

AGEL is still in the pre-launch stage and has been breaking records from its inception. AGEL opened in over 10 countries around the world, and in May 2005, their first month of shipping product, they made over $5 million dollars in sales. No other network marketing company has ever been able to match these accomplishments in such a short period of time.

How early do you want to be? You now have the unique opportunity to get in near the top. If you are experienced with network marketing, you have probably more than once said "If I could only have gotten in at the top." This is your chance.

 Agel introduces an entirely new category of products. The company has developed a unique and innovative delivery mechanism for nutritional products. This proprietary Suspension Gel Technology makes possible single serving packets of nutraceuticals. In this delivery format, your body can immediately start receiving the benefits of the components of the product as you will start absorbing the product in your mouth.

Never before has such a convenient method been available for consuming nutritional products. Consider these convenience factors:

·         No water needed (as with tablets or capsules)

·         Exotic juice benefits without the big bottle (no glass and water weight)

·         Single serving packages (imagine the sampling capabilities)

·         Perfect for those with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules

·         Faster, more efficient, delivery to the body


What happens when the MLM Guru decides to dust off his whiteboard and get back in the business?  

Many years ago, Volkswagen had a commercial that created quite a buzz. It centered around the question of what the man who drives the snow plow drove to work. Likewise when noted MLM expert Randy Gage decided to get back into teh game as a distributor - the industry waited breathlessly to see which program he would join.
When he decided to become an Agel team member—along with the likes of Randy Schroeder, Eric Worre, Anne & David Feldstein, Joshua Shafran, and others—we thought we should catch up with Randy Gage and find out what made him choose Agel Enterprises.

Randy's book is considered by many to be the seminal book on the subject, and he developed the #1 best-selling recruiting audio and training series in MLM history. Randy has trained many of the highest income earners in the business. So we thought it would be interesting to see what made the guru get back in the business, and how he found his way to Agel.

CS: Randy, you're quite wealthy. You already drive your dream cars, live in your dream home and have most of the things people join network marketing to achieve. What made you decide to become a distributor again?
RG: Two strong reasons. First, while I have achieved great wealth and a dream lifestyle, many of my friends and family have not. I have guys I play softball with, people I go to church with, and even family members who are struggling. I knew with this business I could offer them an opportunity to have what I have.
Second, I was still training and consulting to many leaders in the industry. I helped many of them reach high levels of success and I wasn't getting any residual income on it! So I was the shoemaker with no shoes and that was driving me nuts.

CS: So how did you go about selecting a company?
RG: It actually was almost a two-year process for me. I had developed such a reputation for integrity, duplication and results—I was very care- ful not to jeopardize that. I knew whatever company I chose to partner with would have to be above reproach, the product line had to be rock solid, and the compensation plan needed to be bullet-proof.

CS: But two years?
RG: I know! But I was about to give up hope. Some companies had fine products, but their pay plan didn't hold up. Others had a lucrative plan, but the products bothered my allergies or actually made me sick. I didn't wait to join a mature company that could pro- vide an income, but not a chance to create real wealth. And frankly there were other companies I evaluated that I didn't expect to be here next year.

CS: So you chose Agel.
RG: I certainly did. When I finally was introduced to Agel, I made a decision to jump in very quickly. I got on the next plane out and flew to the corporate headquarters. It was on the plane ride there that I really put a pen and paper to the compensation plan. When I understood how the Leveraged Matching Bonus worked, it was the first of many sleepless nights!
Seriously, I saw a well balanced plan that was designed to reward the proper behavior—which is a huge part of creating strong duplica- tion. I felt this was a plan that would produce bigger bonus checks faster for more people—and that has since been proven to be the case.

CS: What else influenced your decision?
RG: I got the product concept right away, and I knew it would have traction in the marketplace. When I tasted my first EXO gel pack, I was hooked. I couldn't believe antioxidants could possibly taste so good. And I knew the market for those who have trouble taking pills—children, the elderly and others—was enormous.
The other huge factor for me was the presence of the funding partners. I knew they liked to support companies with cutting edge technology, and that they had serious money behind them. I was involved with two other start-up ventures in the past that were under-capitalized and I was determined not to repeat that.
So it took almost two years, but I finally found a home A company that you can proudly recommend to your friends and family. A place where even ordinary people can achieve extraordinary success. Agel is that place.

Agel is ahead of the curve in business. The fact is, 90% of all start-ups fail within their first year in business. Why? They lack capital. Their management doesn’t have the necessary expertise. Their idea isn’t proprietary. Agel has all three.

Capital. Agel is backed by a solid investor. And the investment is paying big on both ends. Agel’s first month of sales was bigger than any other network marketing company known, and we’re still exceeding sales projections.

Expertise. Agel’s management defines it. Glen Jensen and Craig Bradley have built their entire careers on network marketing. They’ve started businesses, built them, expanded them into other countries, and made them successful. Now, at Agel, they’ve pulled together an executive team—from marketing to operations to finance—that embodies over 50 years combined experience.

Proprietary. To be number one in the marketplace and stay there, you have to be first, best, or different. Agel is all three. No one has ever done Gelceuticals before. No one will ever do it better. And there will never be a more ground-breaking idea than convenient packets of nutrient-packed gel.

If there’s a challenge for Agel, it is making sure we stay one step ahead of our growth. Sales amaze us every month. New team members are coming aboard by the thousands.

And we’re just getting started.


Why did Randy Schroeder, the '$24 Million-Dollar Man' and network marketing legend move over to Agel? 

The funding source of Agel is substantial and secure.  And that funding source became available primarily as a result of the Agel suspension get technology breakthrough.  Our industry history proves that those companies which become major forces are those who innovate, not those who copy.  The Agel product initiative sets the company apart from all others, in and out of network marketing.

Never in the history of network marketing has a management team equal to that of Agel been assembled at the genesis, the very beginning.  The current assembly of field leadership, while yet small, is a wonderful blend of those with long term success and a young dynamic group of new team members who are building their own success stories.


The Agel compensation plan is not just a little bit better than anything currently available in the industry; it represents a quantum leap forward.  I think it is the biggest innovation in network marketing compensation in 20 years.


It is not possible for me to properly describe in a short interview what participation in the network marketing industry has meant for me and my family.  Truly, my life has been a dream which I could never have imagined.  From the bottom of my heart I wish to express how confident and certain I am that a special opportunity now exists for you to likewise break through to a new era of personal and financial success with Agel.  Moments like this one are rare.  Don't miss it!"

Cold Hard Facts

        • Americans are spending billions (soon to be a trillion) to prevent sickness diseases.
        • When you take your vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents, weight loss supplements in pill or liquid form, your body only absorbs 5%-15%
        • Gelceuticals (gel suspension technology) have a 90% - 100% absorption
        • Mouthwash has been around for over 100 years  breath strips are new.
        • Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents, & weight loss products have been around for ever.
        • Same products, new delivery system, new million dollar industry
        • Agel is growing faster than yahoo, dell, microsoft, & ebay.